Swinging 101 – Tips for Swingers

Swinging 101 - Meet Los Angeles swingers!Swinging 101: Dictionaries define a ‘swinger’ as a person who involves in promiscuous sex with friends, colleagues or strangers—and yet promiscuity is not actually the object of the exercise. Swinging is not about promiscuity, nor is it about frivolously partaking with others for sex. There is actually a quiet dignity and a very high standard of respect amongst swinger communities and swinging is more to do with permissive sex and mutual enjoyment with other consenting adults.

Swinging 101: Getting Your Partner on Board

While trying to convince your partner to become a sexy swinging couple, keep in mind that it isn’tTwo sexy butts for everyone and they may have a few questions and concerns about it. Bring up the topic slowly and be as sensitive as possible about it. We, as human beings, tend to respond well to sensitivity and understanding. This means that if your partner agrees to try it out and then doesn’t like it, being calm and patient, they may find themselves fantasizing over time and decide to give it another go.

Be sure to reassure them often that you are in a committed relationship and your loyalty lies with them. You should keep your line of communication open at all times and be able to freely voice what is on your mind without fear of repercussion. Overall, be confident and have fun!

Swinging 101: Start With a Threesome

Starting off on the safe side, choose a mutual third party to join in on the sexy fun. Get a little bit of liquid courage and throw a new sexy third wheel in the mix and make her (or him!) the center of attention! This will make them feel wanted and come back for more. Make sure to also show affection to your partner, remember, this takes a lot for them!

Moving on steadily to the foursomes and group orgies, after you’re ready to go all-in, throw out all reservations and move forward on trust and passion. The more the merrier and trust me, the is no merrier place on earth and a bed full of sexy people emitting hormones and oozing sexual pleasure. Bring on the kinky sex play and girls from hell to breakfast! We’re ready and so are you! Think of the places you can go! We’ll help you find it and maybe even go along for the ride!

And, Finally…

Before we finish up, we will list a few of the rules of etiquette to give you an idea of how to behave before to go to a sex club or swingers party for the first time.

  • Bathe or shower before you go and make sure you are extremely clean and fresh-smelling
  • Dressed to completely impress—even though you might not be wearing your clothes for very long
  • Wear a fragrance that is subtle and not overwhelming, unless directed by the host to wear none
  • Arrive in a timely manner and respect the rules of the house, sex club or venue
  • When engaging in threesome respect both partners and make sure you don’t leave one out
  • Arrive and leave with the same partner you attended with
  • Keep your breath clean and don’t eat garlic, pepperoni or onions before you attend!
  • As a first-timer try to be confident even if you don’t feel it
  • Don’t get hurt if someone turns you down, move on
  • Respect the area, the sex club or the home of the host and leave everything as you find it

That’s about it really, except to say that you are there to enjoy the experience, so just have fun!!

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